Australia travel guide

Australia is between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and a country that has nearly every type of landscape and climate. Australia is not just sun, beaches and surfing or perhaps a vision of crocodiles, dry landscapes and beer. Yes that is part of this place but also has skiing, excellent restaurants and world class entertainment.

Sydney is not the capital, that is Canberra but it is a city that features in most travel guides due to the stunning Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House and some of the best dining in Australia can be had in the Sydney restaurants that line the waterfront or in the CBD.

australia travel guide

The first settlers arrived 100,000 years ago and the Aborigines now only make up a very small percentage of the Australia population. Today with immigration over the last 200 years the population is over 21 million and made up people from every part of the world.This mix of people has led to a very diverse and exacting cultural that does provide a good reason to visit.

In the middle of Australia is Uluru formerly Ayers Rock that has a mystical quality and a night the outback is so dark and clear that is one of the best places in the world to view the night sky.

The Great Barrier Reef that extends along the coast of Queensland is an excellent place to view marine life and many cruise boats make that easy.

One the west is the city of Perth, fast expanding due to the mining boom that is driving Australia forward at the moment.

For a more temperate climate and walking and scenic views Tasmania the island off the southern coast of Australia is a good place to visit.

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